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Goofy Trixie and monkey toy modifiedTrixie is happy you are visiting here today!

My Guy Does Facebook Live, December 6th, 2-3 pm!

This is your chance to do your Christmas gift shopping for all those on your list who love dogs (like me!), fantasy, dragons and want it family friendly.

RJ The Story Guy will feature his two newest books–Dragon Train and the award winning (ahem!) Trixie Finds Her People.

He’ll discuss the books, do readings, answer questions posted during the event, have a couple of contests to give away a Trixie book and a Dragon book, and then conclude with a live signing for those who have ordered books from RJ’s online Square Store.

The venue for my live event will be on the RJ The Story Guy Facebook page. Go there now and accept the invitation. And share! Link:

Trixie, Finalist, in Two Book Awards Contests!

2020 Indie Book Awards logo

Yes, my tail is wagging right off my rear-end at the news! The Next Generation Indie Book Awards is an international contest honoring independent and self-published books in many categories. The NM Press Women’s Writing awards is a regional contest. 

The Indie Awards will be conducted online due to the pandemic, June 26th on the Next Generation Indie YouTube Channel (instead of the usual gala in Washington DC–darn!) and the NM Press Women’s banquet would have been in April (oh well). 
Trixie Finds Her People was one of five finalists in addition to the winner of the Animals/Pets category of the Next Generation Indie Awards contest. The Story Guy was definitely stunned that the book ranked so high, so it may take him a while to settle back down to Earth! But I’ll be sure he still takes me on walks every day! 

Facebook Interview with Treasure House of Books and More!

Check out the latest interviews of The Story Guy (RJ) on the Treasure House of Books Facebook page now available on RJ’s Facebook page and Southwest Writers website HERE. Please share with interested friends and family.

Interview of the Story Guy

Visit the Southwest Writers website for an interview of My Guy as he gives the inside story about how and why he wrote my first book! To learn more about RJ and some other books he writes (I don’t why because they aren’t about dogs!) visit RJ The Story Guy website.

Now, Read Trixie

And How to Get a Book

0 Trixie-Finds-Her-People-cover-FINALSo, you missed the Story Guy’s signings and now we’re all under “quarantine”… Rotten kibbles!

However, if you really want my book right away, your best source is directly from RJ’s Square Store online. All major credit cards accepted. Rio Grande Parallax design FINALYou will receive a personally signed book delivered directly to you, all for $17.

You can also order and pickup a book at one the following bookstores where RJ launched my book and you’ll find Trixie Finds Her People (usually signed by the Story Guy) on their shelves (click store names for website and MAP for location):

Treasure House of Books and Gifts (MAP)

Page 1 Books (MAP)

Organic Books (MAP)

When we end the social distancing, more locations will host RJ signing my book, so keep your noses to the ground so you can “sniff” one near you this coming season.

Trixie on her training mat_Watercolor

Here are additional links to buy Trixie’s book at these online outlets:

 About Trixie

RJ the Story Guy tells the story of Trixie the Brown Dog. This mama dog is rescued from a0 Trixie-Finds-Her-People-cover-FINAL situation where she and her puppies were part of a hoard of 23 dogs. Soon, her puppies were adopted, and she joins a girl and her grandparents as her new family.

At first, everything is new: living indoors in her new home, learning to potty outdoors, getting the occasional bath (not fun!), and being locked in the laundry room at night (really not fun!).

Soon Trixie and her people’s lives turn into a series of wonderful, humorous and sometimes scary adventures. In addition to her real life, Trixie embarks on three fantasy adventures while she sleeps. In the end it’s all about the bond of love between a rescue dog and her true forever family.

Proper sitting May 17And… later on, Trixie will have her own regular website for you to visit and keep up with this very active dog and (future) media star (Deep Trixie Sigh). Meanwhile, Trixie wants to go for a walk, so we’ll get back to you later.

Print book cover art and rendering by David Wilson Design, USA

eBook cover art modification by Paul Murray Fine Arts

Published by High Desert Libris

A division of RJM Creative Arts

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