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Now the fun really starts. Little bits and pieces of everyday life and Grand Adventures of the Brown Dog. Take your pick and enjoy!

Trixie says: Right now, I need some zzz’s with my favorite toys because I’m tired from allIMG_0859 the acting and emoting. However RJ, my handler has finally gotten his act together and created a better (but not wonderful) video on YouTube. You can watch this little flick about me doing my favorite thing–running. Of course my other most favorite things are eating, playing, sniffing, etc. Anyway, click the photo below to start the fun.

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 12.00.58 PM

<—-Trixie’s Run One

Don’t worry, the videos will get even better once my producer/director gets his editing act together–he’s a slow learner! (Deep Trixie Sigh) 




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